How I build my portfolio website

It was back in 2015 I had a personal website hosted using github pages by my friend. He crafted the message on that website, I designed it in 1 hr time. It was super simple, clean, and minimal. I loved it. But after publishing that website I wasn't focus on updating it periodically. After 5 years looking at that site now looks the same feel it gave me when I designed it. It was out of date.

Looking back from today, my life has been like a race with no finishing line. I was working with a startup that had a hard phase in the beginning and then got smoother and comfortable as the year goes on. 3 years back, I joined hands with my friend ( brother ) and 2 people to form an AI-based startup. I agreed and I started to spend time working night and day creating, reviewing, updating, and research.

If you have experienced or read how a early stage startup would be, yes you guess is right. I was running much faster than I have mentioned above. As days and years goes on situation inside the company become upside down. Thats a long story.

Even though through this ups and downs of startup life. I had a thought about building a new website or rewamp the website which has section to share my thoughts and act like a journel. After 4 years I bought this domain My friend used to ask me why you bought a domain that has typo of your name I have no other choice because my name is too common. After purchasing the domain then what? I need to point it to some hosting server. I had a hosting server that I have been paying for a decade. I just installed the wordpress by following a simple wizard. Hurray! my site is live, It had a default page that has default blog post.

I started to use that and wrote one article. But I was not happy with how it came. In the sense

  • I didn't like the theme
  • It's taking too much time to load
  • It has it's way own customizing procedures, which I had not time
  • Looking out for themes was failure.

I always want my site to load as fast as possible, minimal, simple. Inorder to do that I need to spend time for it. Which I wasn't having that since i was in a continous sprint for rewamping yekaliva product to v3. It's been 2 months after completing the version update. I took a long break to regain myself mentally and physically. One week back I thought, why not use my free time to build my site from scratch.

Choosing a framework

I have been working with Vue, NodeJS, MongoDB, Python Flask almost 3 years. I thought of learning and doing it in a different tech stack. While going through I came to know about the gatsby a static site generator, what made me to choose was the simplicity of framework and saw some potential in learning and can have some handson experience in working with ReactJS and GraphQL, which has been in my learning list for so long.

Started to go through there docs and tutorial, which was nicely created even a person from non reactJs can able to get the basics by following it. After finishing a simple blog website with few static pages. I was looking for inspirations to design my blog, came around website of Dan Abramov. The site looks simple, clean and minimal. So I started to designed the site with my essence. I build the basic things that are required for a website.

It took me 5 days with 6 hours each day time to finish up with website. I was so happy with the outcome. I mapped my domain with github page branch. It took nearly 15 to 20 mins to map. Yes it is live now. You can give feedback by sending a mail to

Karthikeyan Rajendran

Karthikeyan Rajendran

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