Thoughts on yekaliva marketing

Marketing is one of the important parts of any business. As I have built and released a SAAS product name yekaliva in our start up. We were looking out for lots of companies that provide leads, even though I wasn't happy with that move. Eventually being the creator of the product which I have a personal touch with it. So I spend a few days on marketing after finishing the minor release of our product. Here are some thoughts which I have gathered not so long list on our product perspective.

We shouldn't use

"we have the best conversation flow/working model to assist your visitors".

What we should use

  • We thing bringing A.I to your website gives a meaningful and extra power to empower your website visitors with much knowledge about your company and business with the effective human-like conversational flow.
  • We designed the product with more comfortable UI that helps you to create, train, test and integrate the bot more easily Mass marketing works only when its 15% share on the whole market, Then only it's considered as a success.
Karthikeyan Rajendran

Karthikeyan Rajendran

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